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Absolutely Fresh Seafood Newsletter

  • National Oyster Day is next Tuesday!
    Posted 07/31/2014

  • Whew... quite a party!
    Posted 07/28/2014

  • Party details for this Sunday
    Posted 07/25/2014

  • 35th Anniversary party for Absolutely Fresh Seafood this Sunday
    Posted 07/24/2014

  • 35th Anniversary party for Absolutely Fresh Seafood this Sunday
    Posted 07/21/2014

  • Sausage at Absolutely Fresh Seafood
    Posted 07/17/2014

  • Eat that fish!
    Posted 07/10/2014

  • Kansas City Chicken Fried Steak - this week at Bailey's
    Posted 07/07/2014

  • New manager at Bailey's! Stop in to meet Angela
    Posted 07/01/2014

  • Chilean Sea Bass in the Market
    Posted 06/26/2014

  • Faroe Islands Salmon in the Market
    Posted 06/20/2014

  • Oyster Blowout today only. East Points and more
    Posted 06/18/2014

  • Oyster Blowout this Wednesday - see details!
    Posted 06/16/2014

  • Make Dad happy with us!
    Posted 06/12/2014

  • Father's Day this Sunday at Shucks and Bailey's
    Posted 06/10/2014

  • Salmon Hash this week at Bailey's
    Posted 06/09/2014

  • Conch Fritters at Shucks Fish House Oyster Bar
    Posted 06/05/2014

  • Cosmo Shrimp Feed today, First Tuesday Fundraiser tomorrow
    Posted 06/02/2014

  • Copper River Salmon, First Tuesday Fundraiser
    Posted 05/29/2014

  • Cosmo Shrimp Feed next Monday at Shucks Legacy
    Posted 05/26/2014

  • Mahi-Mahi in the Fish Market
    Posted 05/22/2014

  • $5/dozen Blue Point Oysters - TODAY ONLY at Shucks
    Posted 05/21/2014

  • Oyster Fest in TWO DAYS
    Posted 05/19/2014

  • Oyster Fest NEXT WEEK
    Posted 05/15/2014

  • Oyster Fest NEXT week
    Posted 05/15/2014

  • BLT Salad this week at Bailey's
    Posted 05/12/2014

  • for Mom - Omaha's best seafood
    Posted 05/08/2014

  • Breakfast Quesadilla this week
    Posted 05/05/2014

  • Walu and Opah in the Market - from Hawaii
    Posted 05/01/2014

  • Dinner After Dark - night before Mother's Day at Bailey's
    Posted 04/28/2014

  • Wild local asparagus at 119th & Pacific
    Posted 04/26/2014

  • Louisiana Oysters on the Half Shell at Shucks this week
    Posted 04/23/2014