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Best Fish Tacos in Omaha!  Tuesdays and Thursdays only, my friends.  Lunch and Dinner.

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Absolutely Fresh Seafood Newsletter

  • Louisiana Oysters on the Half Shell at Shucks this week
    Posted 04/23/2014

  • Dinner After Dark - night before Mother's Day at Bailey's
    Posted 04/21/2014

  • 8th Birthday for Shucks Fish House this Saturday
    Posted 04/17/2014

  • Buffalo Chicken Mac Skillet this week for lunch
    Posted 04/14/2014

  • Mahi-Mahi at Shucks. Salmon Sausages in the fish market
    Posted 04/10/2014

  • Southern Cobb Salad - this week at Bailey's
    Posted 04/07/2014

  • King Salmon Comin'
    Posted 04/03/2014

  • Tuna Melt Blue Plate Special. This week at Bailey's
    Posted 03/31/2014

  • Wild King Salmon at Absolutely Fresh Seafood, 119th & Pacific
    Posted 03/27/2014

  • Crunch Burger this week at Bailey's
    Posted 03/25/2014

  • Watch Creighton and UNL at Shucks tomorrow
    Posted 03/20/2014

  • Chicken Fried Chicken at Bailey's Breakfast & Lunch
    Posted 03/17/2014

  • Halibut, fresh from Alaska. Be the first on your block
    Posted 03/13/2014

  • First Tuesday Fundraiser tomorrow (moved for Mardi Gras)
    Posted 03/10/2014

  • First Friday in Lent tomorrow. Yeah!!
    Posted 03/06/2014

  • Fat Tuesday TODAY - Celebrate Mardi Gras at Shucks!
    Posted 03/04/2014

  • Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday TOMOROW
    Posted 03/03/2014

  • Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday next week!
    Posted 02/27/2014

  • Prime Rib Philly at Bailey's this week
    Posted 02/24/2014

  • Snapper and Grouper at Absolutely Fresh Seafood
    Posted 02/20/2014

  • Smoked Salmon Hash at Bailey's this week only
    Posted 02/17/2014

  • Lobster and much more for Valentine's Day
    Posted 02/13/2014

  • Garbage Barge this week at Bailey's
    Posted 02/10/2014

  • Shucks Downtown turns 2 this Monday!
    Posted 02/08/2014

  • Irish Organic Salmon at Shucks
    Posted 02/06/2014

  • Norwegian Benedict this week
    Posted 02/03/2014

  • Super Seafood for the Super Bowl
    Posted 01/30/2014

  • Tex Mex Burger at Baileys this week
    Posted 01/28/2014

  • Out of Oysters
    Posted 01/25/2014

  • Swordfish and Mussels in the Fish Market
    Posted 01/23/2014

  • Oyster Fest next Wednesday - $5/dozen Blue Points
    Posted 01/16/2014