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Stop in Tuesday or Thursday for some Baja Fish or Shrimp Tacos!

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Absolutely Fresh Seafood Newsletter

  • Fabulous fish - open this email
    Posted 06/18/2015

  • Sword and Marlin in the fish market this week
    Posted 06/11/2015

  • First Tuesday Fundraiser TODAY - Angels Among Us
    Posted 06/02/2015

  • Fresh Soft Shell Crabs in the fish market THIS AFTERNOON
    Posted 05/28/2015

  • Jorge's Volcanic Eggs, through Friday at Bailey's Breakfast & Lunch
    Posted 05/26/2015

  • Copper River Salmon IN TODAY only at Absolutely Fresh Seafood Market
    Posted 05/23/2015

  • Free Clam Strips offer this THURSDAY ONLY
    Posted 05/20/2015

  • Robin's Egg Sandwich at Bailey's this week only
    Posted 05/19/2015

  • Salmon Brats are back at Absolutely Fresh Seafood Market
    Posted 05/14/2015

  • Mother's Day at Shucks, Bailey's and Absolutely Fresh
    Posted 05/07/2015

  • Cactus Omelet at Bailey's this week
    Posted 05/04/2015

  • Morels at Absolutely Fresh Seafood Market, 119 & Pacific
    Posted 04/30/2015

  • Oyster Fest TOMORROW at Shucks
    Posted 04/28/2015

  • Bailey's 8th Birthday this week! Kansas City Chicken Fried Steak this week
    Posted 04/27/2015

  • Best Salmon in Town - at Shucks Fish House
    Posted 04/23/2015

  • Blackened Tilapia this week at Bailey's
    Posted 04/20/2015

  • Shucks 8th Birthday tomorrow - Sunday
    Posted 04/18/2015

  • It's a beautiful day to dine at Shucks Fish House
    Posted 04/16/2015

  • Stone Crab Claws and Live Crawfish - very limited
    Posted 04/09/2015

  • First Tuesday Fundraiser tomorrow at Shucks and Baileys
    Posted 04/06/2015

  • Time for some great SEAFOOD!
    Posted 04/02/2015

  • Pesto Scramble at Bailey's this week for lunch
    Posted 03/31/2015